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In 1998 TASC dreamed into existence an organization that worked towards providing a community special needs children and adults could identify with. Over a decade later this dream is not only still alive, but it has turned into a brilliant reality. By June of 2010, TASC introduced a program in the performing arts that gave handicapped individuals an opportunity to embrace creativity and express themselves freely. Today, this program enriches many lives and we ask that people continue to invest in our organization so we can move forward with the same positive momentum.
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At TASC we believe in communal, support-oriented programs that encourage individuals to interact socially, which in-turn will enhance friendships and instil awareness. The underlying idea of our organization is that therapy in isolation is ineffective. In fact, the sense of belonging to a community - where members share interests, skills, and passions - has proven to help people with disabilities develop lasting, nurturing relationships. TASC programs provide an environment in which children and adults will find the resources needed to grow socially and intellectually, without ever being held back.

In donating to or volunteering with TASC, you are expanding programs and adding resources for the benefit of our community. In essence, you are actually giving the gift of a better life. Please, contact us if you are interested in supporting our organization and help shape a brighter future for the families of Niagara in need.

We are a Registered Non-Profit Charity. Tax Receipts will be issued for amounts over $20.00
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