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Q1- What are the requirements for participating in TASC programs, classes and activities?
A: Our activities are available to all, but participants must have any required support worker or parent depending on Disability.
Q2- What type of support will the members with Disabilities receive?
A: Therapy, reading club, discussions, work programs and more.
Q3- What are the expectations for participation?
A: To be involved in a social manner, and to learn about new therapies and programs.
Q4- What type of donations do you accept?
A: donation of time or expertise, cash or cheque.
Q5- What ages do you accept?
A: All ages, everyone is welcomed and accepted.
Q6- What is the benefit of your summer camps?
A: Gives people in your community a chance to get to know your child and become accustomed to his or her needs and abilities.
Q7- How long has TASC Niagara been operating?
A: We have been in existence since 1998.
Q8- What does TASC stands for?
A: The organization is called TASC, which stands for Therapy and Alternatives for Special Children and Adults.
Q9- What is the overall philosophy/approach on which the camp is run?
A: TASC believes that therapy cannot take place in isolation from the family; therefore, the whole family attends camp together, mom and dad, siblings and even grandparents, where the disabled child receives three hours of therapy daily.
Q10- What is the feedback you got from your recent summer camp?
A: Every child participated in some way. It was absolutely amazing to see what the children could do. All families had a wonderful experience and everyone was involved in all of the activities.
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