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Supporting Children and Adults

Above all else, TASC is selflessly devoted to serving individuals with disabilities. As an organization, TASC has carefully considered the special needs of everyone in our community and has assembled a wonderfully diverse schedule accordingly. Our programs and workshops are used to strengthen and develop the critical skills necessary to overcome the restraints from a disability. We provide families with access to updated information concerning the physical, emotional, and social development of the child or adult enrolled in our programs, in the belief that an educated family may be the most valuable resource of all.

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About Us

Most recently, TASC introduced a music and drama program that has accelerated skill growth and awareness within all participants. Through creative activity, the learning experience is evolves and social interaction is embraced. We work closely with parents and volunteers to build a community of strong moral and emotional support not only for the benefit of the children and adults, but for the families in need of assistance also. As a community we try to shape a better future but it is the support we receive from our donors and volunteers that helps us on our mission to change lives.

All donations to TASC go back into providing programs for the disabled individuals within our community. Through our programs, we help foster these individuals to maintain positive relationships with relatable, reliable people. You will be giving children and adults the resources to harness the skills needed to overcome the hardships of their disability. We are not an exclusive organization - TASC accepts everyone into the program. If you are interested in joining or in supporting our cause, the first step should be signing up for our newsletter and getting familiar with our ongoing programs and services. Please visit our donations page if you wish to contribute to our cause.
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At TASC Niagara we welcome everyone. Tasc Niagara accepts everyone into our programs.

Our aim is to create social bonds with families, children and adults by helping them learn new skills, develop friendships and encourage community interaction. TASC Niagara will provide ongoing programs, education and family activities.
Our Mission

We are devoted to serving children and adults with disabilities

Our goal is to support them and their families with workshops, education, access to updated information concerning their physical, emotional and social development.

We deliver services in a manner that strengthens the family, in the belief that the family can be the most valuable resource for children and adults.

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