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Help TASC ensure a brighter future for the children and adults of Niagara. By volunteering or donating, you are responsible for the betterment of our community. The love and support that our organization receives makes everything possible - the bleak becomes hopeful, the weak becomes strong, and the difficult becomes easier. Help us to bring people out of isolation into the warm, sustainable environment you've helped create. By bringing TASC to its full potential you are providing the opportunity for children and adults to participate in integrated programs designed to improve their quality of life.

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Your Donation is Tax Deductable
If you have generously decided to make a personal or corporate donation to TASC, you can do so Donate Online by phone, by mail, or even by fax. Each method of payment also gives you the option of setting-up a monthly or occasional donation system.
You can support TASC Niagara in a fun way by buying a pixel.
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Once your image has been uploaded (it may be a personal photo, your website logo, or business graphic) the proceeds of your purchase will be sent to aid our performing arts program.
You may send a check payable to the following if you are interested in supporting TASC Niagara via mail: Support Tasc Niagara: Buy a Pixel

TASC Niagara
820 Ridge Road,
Ridgeway, Ontario
Tel: 905 894 1768
Your help is greatly appreciated
We respect the donor's rights to privacy with every donation we get - we never rent, sell, trade, or share our mailing lists other organizations. Since we are a registered non-profit charity, all donations are tax deductible; we will issue receipts for amounts over $20.00.

We create and offer programs that enhance the lives of children and adults living with disabilities in Niagara, allowing people to reach their full potential in a fully intergrated program. We provide opportunities for social and intellectual growth within the community
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