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At TASC and Tasc Niagara Performing Arts,
we are constantly looking for new ways of connecting people. We believe in a fun, welcoming, and supportive community that provides for disabled children and adults alike. To truly establish communal bonds and optimize participation, we periodically put on events to generate awareness. Please check out our upcoming events and learn how you can ensure its success!.

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Upcoming Halloween Zombie Bash
On Saturday October 26th 2013, TASC will be holding a community dance party with a Zombie Theme. The members of the music and drama program will be creating decorations to transform the community centre into a Zombie Haven, abundant with props and imagination. There are prizes to be won and raffles to partake-in. Doors will open at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre by 6:30pm and snack and bar will be available for those of age. If you wish to join us for live music from the DooDees (Fort Erie Band) please pick up your tickets from Boggio & Edwards or Tech Services Niagara and also available online at
or Please contact us using our contact us form.

Halloween Zombie Bash
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    Every child and adult will participate in some way.

    It is absolutely amazing to see what the children and adults with disabilities are able achieve given accessible environment and opportunity.

    Our focus is ABILITY.

    What a wonderful experience for everyone involved.
    Music/Drama in May 2013, participants, volunteers and funding support is needed, we plan to expand our services as funding and our volunteer base increases. Join us for a night you won't soon forget! Join us for the Time Warp. Call 905-894-1768 for tickets.
    - Dance lessons
    - Art
    - Weight training and exercise
    - Therapy and Alternative Therapy
    - Dinner dances
    - Spaghetti dinners
    - Dinner Theatre Production of Time Warp
    - BBQ's
    - Raffles
    - Integrated Social Events
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