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The TASC community is a strong advocate of reciprocated support. We believe that from each other we may learn a great deal about how to handle the children and adults we are dedicated to helping. In the past we have held open information sessions that addressed topics like methods of therapy, nutrition, and alternative health options. As beneficial as these seminars had been, members of the TASC have recognized the value of personal experience. By sharing stories of how we each deal with persons of disability, we are actually discussing what strategies are most effective. We do wish to continue to have expert guest speakers come to our organization but for now we are focused on bringing in new members that can contribute to our knowledge and understanding of disability; we are always looking for new support. Currently we are in need of volunteers; people who care about the residents of Niagara and genuinely wish to grow a supportive community. If this sounds like you, please contact Nancy about how we can move forward. As well, if you are able to offer transport solutions, TASC would be forever grateful. With your help TASC can reach its goals of establishing a permanent location – one in which further programs can be developed, opportunities for employment can spawn, and residential and recreational centres can thrive. The possibilities are endless with the right support. The music and drama program has been an excellent step forward, but now we wish to introduce more programs like movement therapy and book clubs. To stay informed on the changes we are making please subscribe to our newsletter. Contact Nancy about volunteering, donating to Tasc Niagara

Our goal:
Our immediate goal is to provide day programs for children and adults with disabilities.

We will continue to provide services for the disabled in Niagara. We will provide (depending on individual social needs) meaningful and fulfilling day programs for young adults that are may not able to participate fully in community based programs.

Our long-term goal will be to establish a permanent location to provide ongoing programs, employment, recreation, and residence centre that is open to the public but designed to be fully accessible for everyone.

Our therapy programs will include accessible space for children and adults. We are startomg music and drama progams and will begin book clubs, exercise programs, therapy, both traditional and alternative as our funding base grows. We will be focusing on the social and emotional needs of our members. We will be increasing our programming as our funding sources increase. Please subscribe to our newsletter, through this we will be able to update you on upcoming programs and increase our current membership.