In 1998 TASC dreamed into existence an organization that worked towards providing a community special needs children and adults could identify with. Over a decade later this dream is not only still alive, but it has turned into a brilliant reality. By June of 2010, TASC introduced a program in the performing arts that gave handicapped individuals an opportunity to embrace creativity and express themselves freely. Today, this program enriches many lives and we ask that people continue to invest in our organization so we can move forward with the same positive momentum.
All Donations over $25.00 Receive a Charitable Donation Receipt

TASC – Therapy Alternatives for Special Children Corporation

A non-profit charity in Greater Fort Erie.

We offer music and drama programs as well as a board game café – Left of Central in Fort Erie.
Our dedicated TASC volunteers would like to help the community as they have done for the past 20 years.

TASC plans to feed Fort Erie families at NO COST to them!

Our café would like to offer Lg Pizza and Salad to those in need of a meal for their family. Take out containers will be placed outside to avoid social contact. We encourage only one person from a family come to pick up, and we ask that everyone keep their distance from others.

TASC is asking those who are able to support us in this effort with online donations of any amount. Donations of $25.00 or more will be issued a Charitable Tax Receipt from TASC. Please e-transfer your donation to or use our TASC facebook page`s donate button.

We are also accepting food donations for COPE in bins provided onsite. All donations will be used to provide food for people who are in need during these hard times.

With your community support, we will be able to provide families with a meal, every Saturday during this time if possible.

Food will be available outside for pick up from 1-5 pm at 206 Jarvis St. Fort Erie. We hope to serve as many families as possible with the supplies we have on hand. Please be patient as we will be cooking all day to serve you. We will not be offering anything for sale. One Serving per family. Single servings will be available for individuals upon request.